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ZT690 High Speed Microstop Countersink Cage

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ZT690 High Speed Microstop Countersink Cage

From $599.94

The ZT691/ZT692 series microstop cages have been designed for
continuous operation at any speed up to 6,000 rpm in the most
demanding applications. This makes them well suited for metallic,
graphite and composite materials used in the airframe industry today.

The ZT691/ZT692 series cages offer .0005″ depth adjustment and are
available with a full range of footpieces. Quality standards have been
held to insure the highest levels of accuracy and performance.

Features Include:
• Heavy duty construction.
• Full ball bearing design supports all radial and thrust loads at
speeds up to 6,000 rpm.
• Improved thrust system significantly increase the run time
between adjustments and product life,
• .0005″ incremental depth adjustment
• Fail safe positive stop design insures accurate repeatability
and eliminates any possibility of work piece damage.
• 1″ to 2″ cutter capacity,
• Drive shaft 3/8″ round with three flats (-TF) recommended.
• 7/16″ shaft travel.
• The internal thread for the ZT691 series is 3/8-24 and for the
ZT692 series it is 7/16-20.

Choose Internal Internal Thread * 

Choose Footpiece Style: * 

Please zoom on the picture to find the footpiece that fits your needs and find it on the list below.
Footpieces styles “SP” and “WP” are available with either a
hardened and polished steel footplate or a nylon screw on
type protective footplate which helps to eliminate surface, for other footpieces please check NONE.

If needed (WP and SP) choose your footplate * 

Features Include

Improved ball bearing design for greater support.

Integral bearing composite dust shield.

Proprietary thrust-bearings

Superior repeatability minimizes variations in depth of cut

Footpiece heat treated and polished

Fail-safe positive stop design

Depth adjustment: 0.0005″ increments

1″ to 2″ cutter capacity

Same capacity and travel in a short over all length

Available internal cutter threads: 3/8-24 & 7/16-20

Available Shafts: Round with 3-Flats

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